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Wood grips for FN Browning High Power pistols.
ARCUS 98DAC grips. Work in progress, V2.
ARCUS 98DAC fnal grips.

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Thin model that fits single and ambidextrous safety pistols.
Adds only 2 mm per side. Ideal for CC usage.

Grip thickness is 2mm per side.

Thin grips compared to Hogue wrap around grips.

ARCUS 98DAC grips. Work in progress.
The back strap of the 98DAC pistol differs from the FN HP.
These grips are installed on an FN HP pistol. That's why the gap at the tang.

Arcus 98DAC V2 grips
Walnut wood with fancy checkering and logo. Unfinished.

Walnut wood with fancy checkering and logo. Finished with red shellac.

Walnut wood with checkering. Unfinished.

Arcus 98DAC grips
Checkered Zebrawood with oil finish.
Final version. This model is available to order.