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Wood grips for ZVI Kevin and Micro Desert Eagle pistols.

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Available models.
1/ Flat grips
2/ Ambidextrous finger grips with palm swell

More pictures and reviews of previously made grips can be found with google.

Flat grips
Same thick as factory plastic grips.
Checkering options are full checkering, full checkering with KEVIN logo and k-style checkering.

These grips were fitted on a ZVI Hight Hawk pistol which is the 9mm P.A.K. version of the ZVI Kevin.
More and better pictures to come.

Maple wood grips, with K-style checkering. Unfinished.

Ambidextrous finger grips with palm swell.
Covers the lower portion of the back of frame and the rear edge of the magazine floor plate.
Has finger cuts on both sides for the middle finger.
Ambidextrous palm swell.
Does not affect concealability, magazine removal and holster usage.
Fills the palm of the hand and gives better control over the gun.

Walnut wood with oil finish.