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Wood grips for MAUSER 1910/34 pistols.
They do not fit the Slidelatch (1910-1913, 1-61000 serial) model.
My pistol is a 1914 post war model (412xxx serial)

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Two-piece grips with one retainer pin. Much easier to install or remove them than an original wood grip.
They can be mounted with existing screws using the washers included to the grips.
I used a set of Bersa CC screws with washers to mount them. The screws are just perfect for these grips.

First model. Ergonomic grips for ambidextrous use. PIC
Thinner than a factory plastic/wood grip.
Slightly longer to the bottom to cover the standard magazine's floor plate. PIC
Also, they go up higher to reach the slide and give better control over the gun.

Walnut wood, smooth texture and oil finish.

Walnut wood, checkered texture and oil finish.