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Welcome to MarschalGrips

CNC-machined handgun grips with hand fitting and finishing since 2007

Due to the high demand on our grips, the current wait time is between 10-16 weeks.
Thank you in advance for your patience!

We stand behind our product and we deliver. It just takes time.
Please do not order now if you feel you will lose your patience. The wait time may change in time.
Sorry, there is no way to skip the queue. For a faster turn aroud time you can pick one from the 4-sale shelf.

New models for WANAD P-83, Zastava M70 ACP, Smith & Wesson revolvers. and S&W 659.

You can see the products and place your order by visiting the Products and Online Shop section on the left.
Please pick the gun model from the roll-down menu to see the available grip models.

The For sale section shows all available ready-made grips. They ship on the following Friday with tracking number provided via email.

If you place your order here you accept and agree and EXTENDED DELIVERY TIMEFRAME. Current wait time is 10-12 weeks plus postal delivery time.

The grips are categorized by gun manufacturer and model(s). All prices are in US Dollars.


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Through this site you can easily place your order and pay for it.
All payments are processed by Paypal. All mayor credit cards are accepted.
Please double check your Paypal-registered address to get buyer protection from Paypal.

We do not collect personal data. Paypal handles all bank information securely.

Marschalgrips is fabricating wood grips since 2007. We are using native and exotic hardwoods and using oils and/or stains to enhance the looks of the wood. There are benefits of staining the wood.
Several CNC machines are used for milling out the grips from slabs. Egraving/checkering the wood is also machine-made. The rest of fitting the grips to the actual gun, sanding and finishing them is done by hand tools.

The pictures you see here are examples. The wood grain varies and the finishing materials also change the grips' appearance. I try to uplad an average looking set of grips for display purposes.

Estimated turn around time. The total delivery time for your order is the period of time from you place your order until the time you receive it. Currently it's 10-12 weeks to complete an order.
Delivery takes additional 5-21 days. The tracking number will be uploaded to the tracking database when your order ships.
Please use our Online order tracking page to see how your order is going.


Have questions? Please email us or visit our Facebook page to get answers. Our paypal-related email accounts are not monitored for security reasons.


Street address:
Album utca 29.
1165 Budapest

Warranty, returns.

We stand behind our products and we do our best to satisfy you.
You may have problems with your grips due to various reasons. Ordered a wrong set of grips or the grips do not fit your gun out-of-the-box? We can replace the grips or give you a refund.

The frames vary even in the same model. The guns may have after market parts those are not similar to the originals.
Please let us know and we will work out a solution for the issue.

We can modify the 3D model of the grips and make a modified version for you.


All items are shipped via International Priority Mail from Budapest, Hungary.

Update log

  • 2019.12.13. Main page modified.
  • 2019.11.20. Safety and lanyard options for TT-33s and M57s are modified. TT-33 1911-style grips safety options modified. Missing buttons added.
  • 2019.11.18. The site is up and running.

  • Thank you so much for your interest and support.

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